For Green Rooms, Artiste Trailers and temporary accommodation that can go where there's need.



A comfortable home on-site with toilet, shower, kitchen, lounge and bedroom. Perfect.



A temporary home that fits in gardens and drives while repairs are made.

WELCOME to Wheel Travel Trailer
Suppliers of temporary accommodation

Instant on-site accommodation,
delivered anywhere

Experience comfort and convenience as you undertake your self-build, renovation, or fire/flood damage repairs with our exceptional units. Located nationwide throughout the UK, our units are readily available from our extensive stock.

Discover a new level of modern luxury in our Wheel Travel Trailer rental homes, which resemble portable static homes. We offer a variety of price options to accommodate different budgets, ensuring that everyone can enjoy our lavish temporary homes. Say goodbye to damp, musty caravans and mobile homes, and indulge in the splendor of our luxurious accommodations.

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Self Build Caravan Hire
Self Build & Renovation Accommodation
Temporary Accommodation While Building

Live on-site while you work

By residing on-site during your construction and renovation endeavors, you gain the ability to oversee your project, optimize your working hours, enhance site security, and enjoy added comfort during your leisure time.

Explore our selection of Wheel Travel Trailer available for hire, and let us provide you with temporary accommodation for your building project.

A Place to Stay After a Fire or Flood
Loss of Use Accommodation
Loss Adjuster Temporary Housing

Additional living expense cover;
homeowners, landlords & tenants

Wheel Travel Trailer offers swift solutions for temporary housing, perfect for individuals seeking immediate accommodation after experiencing property damage due to fire, flood, or other catastrophic events. Inform your insurance provider about our services, and we will alleviate a significant burden from your shoulders.

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Crew, Cast & Artist Trailers Supplied
to the Big Names in TV & Production

Private space to enjoy comfort between
takes and as needed

Stay warm with heating, and unwind with a TV and entertainment center. Our units feature a fully equipped kitchen, a comfortable living and dining area, a bathroom with a full-height shower, and a bedroom with ample storage space. Experience privacy and natural light with double-glazed windows, privacy glass, and blinds throughout. Our units are designed to fit into compact areas, starting from 28' in length and ranging up to our longest standard units at 36' long. Whether you need a single unit or multiple units, we offer delivery services and even relocation options for your convenience.

Discover our exceptional green room options and find out more about how we can cater to your specific needs.

Sold your home, need temporary
rental accommodation?

Sold your property but not completed?
Need to get out so your buyer can move in?

Navigating the process of buying and selling a home can be challenging, especially when deadlines don't align. We offer a reliable safety net that presents an excellent alternative to short-term property rentals, hotels, and bed and breakfast accommodations. As long as you have a suitable location to place an 5th Wheel Hire, we will deliver a temporary home for the duration you require. Our temporary homes also serve as an ideal solution if you need to carry out renovations on your house before moving in. Rest assured, we have you covered during this transitional period.

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